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The purported Eric Tan was using the e-mail account to communicate with Leemann and the Accused. On 2 February 2012, the Accused met the purported Eric Tan in Kuala Lumpur. The purpose of this meeting was for Eric Tan to introduce the Accused to a prospect who might be interested in opening an account with Falcon Bank. click referenceWhen the Accused first met the purported Eric Tan, the latter introduced himself as Eric Tan. However, later that same day, while waiting for the prospect, the purported Eric Tan re-introduced himself as Jho Low and told the Accused that he uses the name Eric Tan on occasions for security reasons. It was at this moment, on 2 February 2012, that the Accused realised that the purported Eric Tan he was communicating with through (bearing the name Eric Tan Kim Loong on e-mail) and phone was in fact the said Jho Low (also known as Low Taek Jho). Investigations have independently confirmed the Accuseds account as communications on or around February 2012 between the Accused and the purported Eric Tan were in fact traced to a mobile line used by Jho Low. In the months following the February 2012 meeting with Jho Low, the Accused sent several follow-up e-mails to Jho Low at , and updated Leeman of his contacts with the former. In the said e-mails and updates, the Accused would refer to Jho Low as Mr Tan as he thought Eric Tan was Low Taek Jhos alias.

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tips for curriculum vitae

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