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His passenger, 18-year-old Christopher King suffered serious injuries and was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center. King is an EHOVE (Erie Huron Ottawa Vocational Education)student. Grosswiler was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The driver of the semi, 36-year-old Rickey Bird, was uninjured in the crash, along with his co-driver Michael Perin, 40, who was attempting to flag traffic at the time. SR 163 was closed in both directions for over an hour. Both Grosswiler and Bird were cited as a result of the crash. Follow WTOL: Copyright 2016 WTOL . All rights reserved. WTOL 11 Top StoriesWTOL 11 Top Stories More>> Updated: Monday, November 14 2016 5:34 PM EST2016-11-14 22:34:47 GMT Arson is now the suspected cause of thefire that broke out at a salvage yard in north Toledo. Friday, December 16 2016 5:58 PM EST2016-12-16 22:58:25 GMT (Source: WTOL) No one minded waiting in line to pay their respects to John Glenn. A man who served his country in time of war, risked his life in space and served more than 20 years as a U.S.

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On the next drive, Cooks turned a 5-yard crossing route into a 45-yard touchdown. In the fourth quarter, he added a 36-yard catch, giving him the Saints’ three longest plays of the game. “Great job by Brandin being able to pop free, and obviously he’s hard to catch once you get medical interview attire behind him,” quarterback Drew Brees said. By game’s end, Cooks had seven catches for a career-high 186 yards and surely silenced at least a few of his critics a few weeks after expressing frustration in his role. “He took advantage of some real big throws and opportunities,” coach Sean Payton said. Cooks beating teams deep is, of course, nothing new, but his catches of 45 and 36 yards both started as short plays that he turned into long ones. He hopes he can show that he’s more than a deep threat. “I know that’s my strength,” he said, “but there’s also other parts of my game where I want to become good at or become great at. And that’s what I’m going to keep pushing for.” Another thing Cooks showed Sunday is an ability to play well on the road. visit this website Previously, his top four totals in receiving yards — as well as nine of the top 11 — came at home at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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